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Proactive and reactive print, broadcast and online media dissemination in The Conversation; BBC News, BBC Newsnight and BBC Radio Kent; Sky News; Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed, Woman’s Hour and Analysis; Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail; ‘neuroparenting’ work featured and quoted in the USA, Canada, Italy, Australia, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

Archived Press and Online

October 2016 Review of Neuroparenting: The Expert Invasion of Family Life

July 2016 Leadsom’s Bad Case of Neurobollocks

December 2015 Response to House of Commons debate on the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto for neuroparenting

November 2015 Pregnancy sexism: One woman’s battle with bar staff

November 2015 The Real Battle Over Breasts

October 2015 Smacking: Another thing for parents to beat themselves up about

July 2015 The real scandal is Kid’s Company’s attachment to neurobollocks

February 2015 Do you need to go to parent school?

July 2014 An earlier view of the paedophile threat

March 2014 Baby Bonds: Patronising Parents

March 2013 Write-up of Pornography debate at Bath Literary Festival.

August 2004 Interviewed for BBC Radio 4’s Analysis programme on singleness.

August 1997 Independent article criticising censorship of adverts.

TV and Radio

Jan Macvarish discusses drinking in pregnancy on Sky News. December 2012.

Jan Macvarish discusses teenage mums on Inside Out South East. October 2012

Jan joins the panel for The Battle Over Breasts at the 2015 Battle of Ideas Festival, London.

Jan chair’s the debate, Does Pink Really Stink? The gender neutral parenting debate at the 2015 Battle of Ideas Festival, London.

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