The headline of an article from Belgian newspaper De Standaard about the Leuven Conference on neuroscience and education. Translated quote: ‘The British sociologist Jan Macvarish, the author of the book Neuroparenting, the Expert Invasion of Family Life, was a guest and said that there is nothing wrong with scientific research into the functioning of our brains. ‘But it is usually very specific and very complex. It can therefore only describe a fraction of the process that affects children and adults. It rarely tells anything about your child. Everywhere in the world people have been raising children for centuries in a variety of ways. Some of those parents have talked a lot to their children, but certainly not all day long. Who says that a face-to-face interview with your parents is the only way in which you can learn language and develop yourself? You can also learn by speaking with your brothers and sisters, or by listening to adults who talk to each other. The whole brain discourse narrows the upbringing to that one-on-one relationship between parent and child. That discourse makes families anxious. ‘